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About Queens County Roots


The new single, Promise & Hope, is out now!
"a touch of genius" --Buzz Slayers
"kicks up some seriously rootsy dust" --Tinnitist

Queens County Roots is the artists:
Shakar Brumfield, lead vocals
Marlon Hurt, guitar, vocals
Marcel Hamel, guitar
Hope Johnson, keyboards, vocals
Josh Clark, saxophone
Katie McMurray, trumpet
Max Barrett, bass
Luke Gefell, drums

QCR is home to the songwriting of Marlon Hurt, which Divide and Conquer has called “like the gospel of real life shit.” Marlon is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, now living in Queens, NYC, and his songwriting mirrors this meeting of worlds: blues riffs mix with pop hooks; sugary lyrics blend with meatier poetry. Together with ShakarJoshHopeKatieMarcelMax, and Luke, the band delivers soulful, rhythm-infused Americana designed to make bodies get up and move. 

The self-titled album currently being released, “Queens County Roots,” will be QCR’s fourth studio effort. As Marlon says, “I grew up down South, and I still listen to a lot of blues, and a lot of the themes and imagery touch something way down deep in me. ‘Bad luck and trouble’ and that kind of thing, you know? Those themes are specific and universal at the same time. And that’s the feeling that inspired all of these songs” (Music Matters Media). QCR’s playful take on established styles has led some critics to declare them one of the best emerging bands (Indie Spoonful; Please Pass the Indie). 

Queens County Roots plays live shows year-round throughout New York City. QCR is a NYC Public Realm Programming Partner

Queens County Roots works closely with writer, artist, and producer Jesse Maxwell


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Drawing comparisons to the likes of Gary Clark Jr., Jack White, Radio Moscow, and All Them Witches, QCR stands out as a beacon of the post-grunge, hard rock, and indie rock scene --Tits Upon Tyne

talent, competence, and class --Roadie Music

Animalistic, primal, romantic --Lefuturewave

If you like rock with soul and message, don't miss it! --Global-Pop Magazine

It's almost like the gospel of real life shit --Divide and Conquer

deftly pulls from rock, blues, bluegrass, R&B, pop and gospel--BucketList

one of the best emerging bands --Indie Spoonful

tight as hell --Please Pass the Indie