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Divide and Conquer
"Alrighty then Queens County Roots, I like your style! Tackling blues and rock with modern advances really hit the spot with their album Stereo.

​The opening track is "Heaven Sent" and right off the bat I am smitten. A sincere blue rock jam with that sharp edge of indie rock and modern production tricks. There's a sticky sweet sourness here. It's just downright delicious, love. 

It's almost like the gospel of real life shit. I dig it. You can write a love letter to whatever decade or scene from the past you want, but for me, there's still gotta be something fresh. It has to bite, and that is exactly what this album does. It bites and it works.

Rock and blues fans alike will be able to dig into this album easily. It's a robust flavor that holds fast to its roots, but isn't afraid to step outside its own comfort zone. I think a little more of a push into modern formatting would be my only wish. Color me impressed. Give this one a go for sure."


"With Stereo, New York’s Queens County Roots have delivered a solid offering of Americana that deftly pulls from rock, blues, bluegrass, R&B, pop and gospel without feeling overly disjointed.

The musicianship on display is excellent across the board, with slick, tasteful leads from guitarist Marlon Hurt laid over the unflappable groove anchored by drummer Chris Glover and bassist Alex Fedorow.  However, it’s clear across all of Stereo that crooner Jesse Maxwell’s soulful vocals are meant to be the star of the show [...].

With Stereo, Queens County Roots serve up a slice of Americana that is sure to please fans from across the spectrum of the American musical tradition.”


"Queens County Roots sounds like the name of a band from the backwoods. In fact, they hail from New York City (though at least one member is from the South and two are Canadian).  They balance all that geography quite gracefully on their hybrid EP Stereo, kicking up some seriously rootsy dust without falling into the faux-hayseed trap.  Plus their singer has one of the best drawls this side of the Mason-Dixon line."


Please Pass the Indie
"Queen County Roots...has a universal sound that will appeal to fans of rock, indie rock, alternative rock, blues and pop because they have mass appeal.

Musically this group is tight as hell [...] precision drums and driving bass while the guitar weaves its way in and out with tasty, bluesy solos that dig into the music and find all the sweet spots. The lead singer has an FM radio-ready indie-rock tone which is the icing on the cake. [...]

Queen County Roots is one of 2019’s “IT” bands – they have the swagger and sound.  Festivals, labels and management – take note."


"Queens County Roots is one of the best emerging bands of 2019. [...] It will be hard to find a band who is as artistic, original and talented as Queens County Roots. They take risks creating music that has a lot of flavor and soul.

Lead singer, Jesse Maxwell, has the voice indie rock bands desire; his tenor vocals are clear and confident, sexy and edgy. Lead guitarist Marlon Hurt offers up smooth and tasteful solos. Drummer Chris Glover has his moment when, in the chorus, the rest of the music is stripped away and a strong groove is felt. Alex Fedorow and Chris are very tight and in-the-pocket.

This time was different. I knew I was hearing something extraordinary – I listened to song after song of Queens County Roots and you will too. I got the sense that this band is going places. They have captured something from the past, combined it with a sophisticated contemporary rock sound, while keeping everything easy to relate to. Record labels should take note of  Queens Country Roots."