Monday, June 5, 2017

About Queens County Roots

Listen to the new EP "Stereo" at Music Matters Media

"Addictive" --Indie Spoonful

Live video here! (Courtesy of Music Matters Media)

Queens County Roots might best be described as blues pop. Marlon grew up down in Atlanta, Georgia, playing the blues, while Alex was getting into the dance music scene in his native Queens, NY. With fellow artists and technicians Chris, Jesse, and Hope, QCR mashes these blues and pop influences together into original roots-influenced tunes that make bodies wanna get up and dance.

The band is:
Jesse Maxwell, lead vocals
Marlon Hurt, guitar, vocals
Hope Johnson, keyboards, vocals
Alex Fedorow, bass
Chris Glover, drums

Jesse is a Toronto transplant and a Trans Phatt Records R&B solo artist. Marlon is the main songwriter of the group, and was the driving artistic force behind the original blues band, The Hurt ProjectHope is a trained pianist who grew up in Brooklyn and is half of the duo Hope and Maggie, with over a quarter million views on YouTube. Alex is a former techno and trance DJ who played bass and toured the U.S. with Gillian. Chris is originally from Vancouver, and a veteran of NYC-based bands like Dear Comrade and Circadian Clock.