Monday, June 5, 2017

About Queens County Roots

"Addictive" --Indie Spoonful

Next Shows:
Bar Chord, Tuesday, May 22nd, 9p - 2 sets!
The Way Station, Saturday, May 26th, 11pm!

Queens, NYC-based musicians Marlon Hurt and Alex Fedorow met in the early 2010s playing in a piano rock outfit before Marlon founded the original blues band The Hurt Project, and Alex joined the pop rock group Gillian. The two combined these blues and pop influences in early 2017, forming Queens County Roots, whose heavily rhythmic but playfully melodic blues rock is aimed at getting bodies moving.

The band is:
Jesse Perez, lead vocals
Marlon Hurt, guitar, vocals
Alex Fedorow, bass
Chris Glover, drums

Jesse is a Toronto transplant who, along with his work as a soul vocalist, is also a classically trained pianist. Marlon grew up down South, in Atlanta, GA, and was the driving artistic force behind the NYC-based original blues band The Hurt Project, as well as lead guitarist for The Conditionals and The Brooklyn Blues Project. Alex, a Queens native and former techno and trance DJ, played bass in several bands before joining Gillian in 2013, with whom he toured the east coast and the south. Chris is originally from Vancouver, and a veteran of NYC-based bands like Dear Comrade and Circadian Clock.