Monday, June 5, 2017

About Queens County Roots

"one of the best emerging bands of 2019" --Indie Spoonful

QCR has been called “the gospel of real life shit” (Divide and Conquer). The Queens, NYC-based band is home to the Southern-flavored songwriting of guitarist Marlon Hurt. As an expat Atlanta boy living in New York City, Marlon’s music showcases an unlikely meeting of opposites. Blues and soul blend with indie flavors of pop and alt rock. Ear candy and wordplay mix with heavy beats and explosions of poetic imagery. This playful take on established Americana styles has led some critics to declare QCR one of the best emerging bands of 2019 (Indie Spoonful; Please Pass the Indie).

QCR has been fortunate to have many amazing artists pass through its ranks and as satellite players for live shows, most of whom are legitimate solo artists in their own right. These include: most prominently, the Trans Phatt artist Jesse Maxwell, as well as Chris Glover, Michael LoBue, Lyndol Descant, Alex Fedorow, and Jenna Hanlon.

The current line-up includes: 

Rachel Dalton, lead vocals
Marlon Hurt, guitar, vocals
Josh Agulnick, guitar
Hope Johnson, keyboard, vocals
A.J. Palumbo, drums

Rachel headed up the long-lived, Brooklyn-based soul outfit, The IrresponsiblesMarlon is the main songwriter of the group, and was the driving artistic force behind the original blues band, The Hurt ProjectHope is a trained pianist, a Brooklyn native, and half of the duo Hope and Maggie whose song videos have over a quarter million views on YouTube. Josh is a multi-instrumentalist from Boston, formerly with the group Wonder City. A.J. is a Queens native.

"It's almost like the gospel of real life shit" --
Divide and Conquer

"deftly pulls from rock, blues, bluegrass, R&B, pop and gospel"--BucketList

"kicks up some seriously rootsy dust" --Tinnitist

"tight as hell" --Please Pass the Indie

"If I was a good executive producer I'd be able to tell you everything about this band" --Indie Music LIVE!